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Annual Insurance & Risk Management Review Checklist

Below you will find a number of questions. Please take the time to review these questions and address any questions that you answer “yes” to. Consider changes in these items in the past year or two.



__Bought or sold a house, vacation property, farm, ranch etc.

__Added onto our house or added a pool, barn, workshop or other outbuilding

__Substantially added or decreased a mortgage

__Bought or sold a vehicle

__Added or dropped any new drivers on your policy (especially children)

__Added or sold any other property worth $25,000 (guns, antiques, collectibles, coins etc.) or more?

__Added or subtracted $1 million or more in Personal Liability Umbrella insurance

__My net worth is over $500,000, but I do not have a Personal Liability Umbrella

__My deductibles may be too low causing my premiums to be too high.

__My personal property is not covered for “replacement cost”

__I need smoke detectors in all rooms in my house (garage included)?

__I need carbon monoxide detectors in areas of my house serviced by natural gas?

__I need ABC rated fire extinguishers in my house and garage?


Life Insurance

__ I have added or dropped more than $50,000 of life insurance (don’t forget to consider employer provided insurance).

__ I have changed (or would like to change) a beneficiary designation on an existing policy.

__ I feel I may need more life insurance, but I don't know how much to purchase or what type to consider.

__My family would be substantially burdened economically by my death.

__I have incurred, or may incur, substantial debt and may need life insurance to collateralize those obligations.

__I have changed, or want to change, the beneficiaries on my life insurance.

__I want to gift life insurance out of my estate.


Health Insurance

__I, or my spouse, have changed my insurance provider

__I, or my spouse, have changed jobs

__I used to be covered by a group plan but now am covered by an individual plan

__I have questions about health, disability or long term care insurance deductibles and coverage

__I have changed, or want to change, my disability insurance

__I have changed, or want to change, my long term care insurance

__There are special health concerns that my insurance is not meeting


Changes in Valuation

__ The value of my estate has changed more than 20 percent in the last two years.


Special Provisions for Children

__ My health (my spouse's or children's health) has deteriorated substantially in the last year.


Newly Born or Adopted Children

__ A child (grandchild) has been born (or adopted) since our last review.


Handicapped or Incompetent Children

__ A child (grandchild or other dependent) has become handicapped or seriously injured since our last review.


Status of Family Marriages

__ A member of the family has become married, divorced or separated since our last review.


Business Interests

__ I have entered into a stock (partnership) buy-sell agreement since our last review.

__ My business situation has changed significantly since our last review.

__I have started, sold or terminated a business.